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Get your application ported to RISC-V, without any hardware, using Cloud-V

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What is Cloud-V:

Do you have an application that you want running on RISC-V architecture but don't have any means to test it on RISC-V architecture? No worries!

Cloud-V provides a CI/CD environment for testing applications on RISC-V architecture through Linux shell and CI/CD scripting. 

Here at Cloud-V, we have the necessary tooling available for building packages for RISC-V with environment module support (see Tooling for all tooling information). 

The builds either run on RISC-V boards or QEMU. Cloud-V supports QEMU with both of its modes i.e. 
1. QEMU User mode: For running RISC-V compiled executables directly
2. QEMU System: For running applications on Linux for 64-bit RISC-V

Cloud-V also supports automated build triggers with version-control systems such as GitHub and GitLab based on the events.

The core of the Cloud-V is a Jenkins-based CI environment and contains RISC-V hardware and emulation platform compute instances. With Cloud-V, you do not need to buy a RISC-V board for yourself. Just get access to our CI environment and you are ready to go for development on RISC-V architecture!

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